Find the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

The Coupster Agent Program allows you to make money by referring customers to purchase Coupster Service. You earn commission by signing up a customer on the website or if the business you signed up refer a customer.
The Coupster Agent Program rules and terms are defined on the Coupster Agents Terms and Conditions Page.
The Coupster Agent Program is managed by Coupster Corporation. You will need to complete a Coupster Agent online Application for the Coupster Program manager to review. If approved, you will receive a welcome email with your creditionals.
It's easy; you make money by signing up customers on the Coupster website. We will then send your commission directly to your bank account. You earn residual income every month!
The program is free to join; there are no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.
This is your email address that you signed up with.
Our standard starting commission rate is 30% of the monthly price. Your payout percentage increases as you make more sales. You will earn commission on the Monthly Fees for each package you signup.

Your earning potential is determined by each tier you reach. as the Agent signs up more customers into Coupster product.

Commission Tiers will be defined as such: This is based the Gross Monthly Sales Amount.

Tier 1: 30% - $0.00 to $4000.00
Tier 2: 34% - $4001.00 to $9,000.00
Tier 3: 36% - $9001.00 to $14,000.00
Tier 4: 38% - $14,001 to 20,000.00
Tier 5: 40% - $20,001.00 and up
Yes, the Tier 5 Agent will also receive a $5,000.00 Bonus for reaching Tier 5 and will also be eligible to participate in the Coupon Revenue Sharing Pool. Tier 5 Agents will be able to get 20% of total revenue generated from the Coupon Sharing Revenue. As more agents reach Tier 5, the disbursements will be divided equally among the pool of Tier 5 Agents.

For example: Month of April – Coupon Sharing Revenue was $100,000.00. Thus, 30% of $100,000.00 would be shared with all top Tier 5 Agents. This amount is in addition to their 35% ongoing monthly residual. Thus, 30% of $100,000.00 is $20,000.00 if we have 5 agents in this Tier then it would be divided up 5 ways. In this example, Each Agent would receive $4,000.00 bonus for the month of April.
The Payments are made on the 14th of every month for the previous month signups.
Coupster pays agents via Wire Transfer from Bank of America. You must fill out a W9 and upload it in your account to be set Active for Payments.

You will need to fill out the Account Number and Routing Number of your bank account to get paid.
A Basic Package is $59.95 a month Toll Free Package is $79.95 a month Premium Keyword Package varies based on miles selected from business address. The Premium Keyword Monthly Price is from $109.95 to $259.95 a month.
Yes! When you sign up a business, and that business signs up a new business you will be paid as if you signed them up.
No. There is no minimum payout amount.
No. You just need to Fill out a W9 and send us a copy of your driver’s license
No. you can earn as much as your heart desires.
Yes. We are planning on adding Agent Unique Code ID which can be used in graphics and in links or email campaigns.
Yes, we are in the process of adding marketing materials and helpful links to help or aid you in selling Coupster services.
Contact us at 888-COUPONS or email agents@coupster.com and we will investigate the problem and resolve.
You can use social media at your discretion. We will be providing unique links in the near future which you could promote through your social media channels.
You can login to the Coupster Agent Portal at any time for access to real-time reports and get up-to-the-minute information about any commissions you’ve earned.
You must wait from 1 to 24 hours for the number to be ready for texting.
Make sure that the Client has active internet on their cell phone. If no internet, then client can’t login.