How to Earn

Coupster offers a great commission rate at all levels.
We start you at 30% commission per month.

How to Earn?

Coupster offers a great commission rate at all levels. You start you at 30% commission per month and we are revolutionizing the Coupon Industry.

See Tier Structure Below:

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Clover System

Coupster is the first and only one to text enable landlines for POS Systems – Clover


Coupster is unique in that we own the Short Code COUPON (268766)


SMS is unique in that we are the first to create sharing keyword technology on Short Codes.

High Commissions

Coupster Pays high commissions.

When the businesses you signup refer customers, you get paid as if you made the sale.

Tier 5


Monthly Gross Sales



Tier 4

$14,001 - $20,000

Monthly Gross Sales



Tier 3

$9,001 - $14,000

Monthly Gross Sales



Tier 2

$4,001 - $9,000

Monthly Gross Sales



Tier 1

$0 - $4,000

Monthly Gross Sales



Tier Structure

How does it work?

Agents will receive 30% of the revenue as a commission from orders placed on Commissions may change at the discretion of the product publisher; Coupster Agent Program commissions will increase as the Agent reaches different tiers. Each tier will be reached as the Agent signs up more customers into Coupster product.

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Tier 5

when you reach the top,
the benefits don't stop...

Tier 5 Benefits

  • 40% Commissions
  • $5,000 Bonus upon reaching Tier 5
  • 20% of Coupon Sharing Revenue Pool

Coupon Revenue Sharing?

20% of the Total Coupon Sharing Revenue is split amongst all Tier 5 Agents. This is in addition to the 35% commission.

If Coupon Sharing Revenue was $100,000 in a month, $20,000 would be split amongst all Tier 5 Agents. (If there are 5, each Tier 5 Agent would recieve a $5,000 bonus)

The possibilities are endless!

Coupster Agent

How it all works

Your Clients

These are the businesses you have personally referred.

How do you get these referrals? Simply by telling the business you are referring to set your email and this will attach any sales made by that business to you!

Your Client's Friends

When your clients refer other businesses to Coupster. Your client will get ONE MONTH FREE and their referral free 5000 text messages (that never expire!).

The best part is, you make commissions on your Clients referrals, however this only goes one deep. You do not receive commissions beyond your client's referrals. (It only goes 1 level down)